Reef health monitoring

This is a week-long course in marine survey techniques. We look at several scientific methods for monitoring reef health, fish and corals. Students take part in active monitoring at various sites around the Nusa Penida Marine Park.

coral watch coral bleaching monitoring

Coral Watch - Monitoring for Coral Bleaching 

Learn to use the Coral Watch Coral Health Chart to assess corals for bleaching. Make your dives count!

Reef check surveys in bali

Reef Check Surveys

Reef Check uses standard scientific survey techniques to monitor coral, fish and invertebrate species on a reef.

Coral reef monitoring bali

Rapid Assessment Surveys

We practice several standardized survey technique used by both the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority & Nusa Penida Marine Park's long term monitoring project. Timed swims are conducted for indicator fish species, and coral cover is assessed using quadrats.