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Joint Course:

Scientific Diver / Divemaster

7 Weeks - USD $2250 + PADI Crewpack & PADI fees

During this intensive 6-week program you will complete two professional-level certifications:

  • CMAS Scientific Diver

  • PADI Divemaster

The focus of this program is to develop dive professionals who are competent at working as part of an underwater survey team as well as taking leadership roles. Learn Scientific Diving Techniques and Participate in Research Diving taught by Marine Biologist & Dive Instructor Trainer Andrew Taylor.

The program starts with completing our 3-week Scientific Diver Training program. As some of the theory and skills overlap between the Scientific Diver program and PADI Divemaster certificate, students who are already Rescue Diver certified and have completed the Scientific Diver training program, can then finish the remaining excercises and theory of the PADI Divemaster course in four weeks.

Prerequisites: Rescue Diver (or higher) & 30 logged dives

The internship takes place at our beach-front dive centre and classroom. Dive sites during the program are within the Nusa Penida Marine Park.

Course Components:

  • Week #1: Scientific Diver foundations - This week we work on advanced dive skills and dive planning required for collecting data and working underwater. We also go through dive theory including physics and physiology of diving. This week focuses on skills in CMAS Scientific Diver.

  • Week #2: Coral Reef & Marine Ecology Week - The week starts with an in-depth "Introduction to Marine Ecology" lecture which ties in knowledge specific to the areas you will be diving in the Nusa Penida Marine Park. Each day then includes specific task-orientated diving and lectures in topics from coral health, tropical reef fish identification, and manta ray conservation. ** Bonus certifications include PADI Fish ID

  • Week #3: Reef Health Monitoring Week - In this week-long program we will learn about several survey techniques used to monitor coral reef health. The Coral Watch Coral Health Chart to assess corals for bleaching. You will also learn to use standard Reef Check scientific survey techniques to monitor coral, fish and invertebrate species on a reef. We also practice several standardized survey technique used by both the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority & Nusa Penida Marine Park's long term monitoring project. ** Bonus certifications include Reef Check EcoDiver & PADI Research Diver.

  • Week #4-7: PADI Divemaster add-on  The Divemaster course can be added onto our scientific diver program either before or after! During the divemaster course you will learn additional skills for working underwater such as assisting with student divers and guiding. You will also need to read the chapters of the PADI Divemaster manual and do the exam.


Advanced Scientific Diver Module

Self-Reliant Diver + Full-Face Mask + Equipment Specialist Package

USD $500


  1. PADI Self-Reliant Diver

  2. PADI Full-Face Mask Diver

  3. PADI Equipment Specialist

Become a confident member of a scientific diving team by becoming certified as a self-reliant diver. In this week-long add-on you will also learn about different equipment configurations, basic servicing and compressor use. You will become trained on the Kirby Morgan M-48 Supermask which is an industry standard modular full-face mask adapted for use in both SCUBA & surface supplied systems. You will also look at advanced dive theory and gas mixes used in diving.


  • > 18 years old

  • > 100 logged dives

  • Rescue Diver or higher