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Scientific Diver Internship - OCT/NOV 2018

Scientific Diver Internship Program

4 week Scientific Diver & Tropical Marine Ecology course offered by  marine biologist Andrew Taylor.   This is a unique program which combines multiple certificates as listed below in each week. Individual weeks can be taken separately, or all together as a single internship. Option to add-on the PADI Divemaster Course at the end of the program.

This course is designed to develop both advanced diving skills and knowledge of the marine environment.  The 4-week scientific diving course will follow the schedule below, each of the topics below will have a theory component and practical workshops:  

Scientific Diving Techniques (Week 1)

  •    Standard diving protocols
  •    Advanced diving theory (Physics, Physiology & decompression models)
  •    Specialized diving equipment
  •    Techniques in Scientific Diving (buoyancy, rope work, mapping, communications)

Certificates Included:  CMAS Scientific Diver

Optional Add-on Certificates:  PADI Self Reliant Diver, PADI Full-Face Mask Diver

Marine Ecology (Week 2)

  •     Coral Reefs
  •     Coral & Substrate identification
  •     Marine Fish
  •     Marine Invertebrates
  •     Physical oceanography
  •     Manta Rays

Certificates Included:  PADI Naturalist, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation, PADI Fish ID

Optional Add-on Certificates:  PADI Shark Conservation, PADI Manta Conservation

Marine Surveys and Monitoring (Week 3)

  •    survey techniques
  •    Reef Check EcoDiver course
  •    Nusa Penida Marine Park monitoring surveys
  •    Coral Watch & other methods

Certificates Included:  Reef Check EcoDiver, PADI Research Diver, CoralWatch Coral Health Monitoring

Coral Reef Restoration (Week 4)

  •     Restoration Ecology
  •     Human impacts on marine environments
  •     Nursery building
  •     Underwater clean up dives

Certificates Included:  PADI Coral Restoration


Course Price:  IDR 22.000.000

Includes certifications, survey materials & books, and LOTS of diving!!

Earlier Event: August 12
Coral Restoration Training Workshop
Later Event: October 29
Marine Conservation & Ecology Week