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Marine Megafauna Week

Manta & Shark Week

6 Days - USD $500  (12 dives)


  • Project Aware Shark Conservation

  • PADI Manta Conservation


  • Mega Fauna of Nusa Penida Manual

  • Manta & Turtle underwater slate

Prerequisites: Advanced Openwater Diver

This week is all about mega-fauna! During this week you will learn about the biology of elasmobranchs (Sharks & Rays) as well as get up close and personal studying our local manta ray population. Collecting identification photos of the mantas as well as learning about other species sharks & rays in the Nusa Penida Marine Park! During our dives we also keep an eye out for the other exciting megafauna of our area such as turtles and Mola mola!

Earlier Event: November 24
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