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CMAS Scientific Diver Program (April/May)

3 weeks - USD $1500

Scientific Diver Program:

Week 1 - Scientific Diving Fundamentals

During this week students go through safety standards for working underwater. Topics include advanced dive planning, dive accident managment, risk assessment and use of specialized dive equipment. This week is heavy in diving theory with emphasis on decompression theory, physics and physiology of diving.

Week 2 - Marine Conservation & Coral Reef Ecology

During this modules each day then includes specific task-orientated diving and lectures in topics from coral health, marine invertebrates and tropical reef fish identification.

Week 3 - Reef Health Monitoring

In this week we go through various marine survey techniques to monitor fish, coral, and invertebrates species on the reef.


Rescue Diver with 30+ logged dives and current First Aid certificate.


Three course-specific textbooks, underwater slates & materials