From City to Beach

Every day the ocean is more spectacular, revealing to me its deep secrets…..

Growing up in a busy city on Sumatra, I did not know or appreciate the ocean. In fact, I had no idea how powerful it was until the Tsunami of 2004.

It destroyed the North of my island, Banda Aceh. And with it, many lives were lost, not to mention the homes and businesses. This was a natural disaster of epic proportions and it came from the sea. I volunteered to go to Ache and help the survivors get food, water and build new shelter. The clean-up was never ending. The news crews just couldn’t capture the vast numbers of dead, piled up; or the scale of the devastation. I would think to myself, “all this, from the ocean?” But the local people would tell me their stories and time honoured traditions of the sea. They revered it, respected it and still loved it. It gave them life and sustained us all.

This got me wondering… “what’s so special about it?” So, I started to read and study the Indo-Pacific and was amazed by what I learned! I just had to see it for myself and so I found a wonderful Dive Centre on the beautiful island of Nusa Lembongan, Blue Corner Dive. And I became a PADI Open Water Diver. This world was more magical than I could have imagined and the people I met inspired me and taught me so much more about ocean inhabitants.

Only one thing held me back, I struggled so much to equalise! This put me off for a while but eventually, I wanted more. So, I went back to the place I felt most at home, Blue Corner Dive, to do my PADI Advanced Open Water. A miracle occurred, I learned to equalise properly!! Nothing could stop me. I dived every day and was honoured when the owners supported me in becoming a Rescue Diver and eventually a Divemaster! I could now show people the things I had learned to love so much.

Working as a Divemaster is a dream job and the owner of Blue Corner Dive and Course Director, Cody McDonald, could see how enthusiastic I was and loved to teach all my guests ‘fun facts’. He supported me, found the very best in me and said I was a ‘natural’ and encouraged my dream of doing the Instructor Development Course. I could not imagine anything scarier or more rewarding!!

With the deepest of gratitude to the PADI Scholarship Program and the outstanding team at Blue Corner Dive, I did just that. Became an Open Water Scuba Instructor. With the support and patience of Course Director, Cody McDonald and the fun and passion of Master Instructor Rosie Dixon, I did it!

Studying at Blue Corner Dive was dreamy! Every day was like a holiday, on the beach surrounded by happy people, with views of my beloved Indo-Pacific Ocean and sunsets over Bali. Then upstairs to the privacy of the air conditioned IDC classroom we made our home.  The course itself was relaxed and cool, I learned so much each day from Cody and Rosie. They always made me feel comfortable and confident and reminded me “there are no stupid questions!” Nothing was too much for them and they were always ready to help, no matter how late I needed it! They made us a team, one that I will be friends with forever. Thank you Blue Corner Dive!!!!!