Welcome to Blue Corner Marine Research

Training Programs

Blue Corner Conservation offers several courses on request and runs scheduled training internships throughout the year at our research base here at Blue Corner Dive, Nusa Lembongan, Bali.

Interns are welcome to apply for any of our week-long training programs in marine conservation. We offer 5 different intensive modules:

  • Scientific Diving Fundamentals

  • Coral Reefs & Marine Ecology

  • Reef Health Monitoring

  • Coral Reef Restoration

  • Manta Rays & Other Megafauna of Penida

For longer programs students may enrol in the 3 to 5-week Scientific Diver Program followed by the 3-week PADI Divemaster add-on.


On holidays? Join us for a dive!

Guided dives within the Nusa Pendia Marine Park can be booked at any of our 3 Blue Corner Dive centres on the Nusa Islands.

Make your dives count! Visit our coral restoration site with one of our in-house marine biologists and help with coral propagation.

Help the reef by donating to coral restoration efforts. You can pay for a coral restoration frame (or multiple frames) to be built and installed at the coral restoration site in Nusa Penida. Then our scientific diving team will transplant corals upon the frames on your behalf!

Coral Restoration Frames


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