Learn about the manta rays of Nusa Lembongan with this specialty course that is unique and only taught on the island! 


Manta Rays are fascinating gentle giants, and the resident population of reef manta rays of Nusa Lembongan attract divers from all over the world!

Learn about the different manta ray species, their monitoring, and conservation around the Nusa Penida Marine Park.  Better understand the threats and opportunites for these beautiful animals.




  • Certified Diver

  • Be at least 12 years.

  • Interest in marine conservation

This course is weather dependant, as access to Manta Point divesite requires the ocean waves to be less than 1.5m for safety.


  • 2 Dives over 1 day. 150 USD

  • 4 Dives over 2 days. 225 USD