So you have decided to take it to the next level and to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor? Congratulations, that an important step towards a great career in diving!

Now you are searching the internet and looking at “IDC” and “IE” and “dive theory prep” and a bunch of things you are not too sure about…So let me explain how this could go!

Here at Blue Corner Dive, we usually start the course 2 or 3 days earlier than necessary so we have time to go over your dive theory, review it with you, give you studying tips and also see if you need help with some of the topics. Also you get to hang out with the other instructor candidates and since you will spend pretty much 3 weeks together every day, it’s a good time to make friends!!!

Depending on what you need to work on and also languages request, one of us will be there helping you out with all of this. The course is available in French and Spanish too so you can choose to take the practice exams in your language and see what works best for you! For example if you plan on working in an English speaking area and English is not your first language, you might decide to do the entire course in English to get comfortable with everything but you could still need help or explanations in another language.

IDC stands for Instructor Development Course. which is the part that you will do with us. There will be classroom time, pool and open water, we will go through all the courses in detail so you know what awaits you, you will get to practice a lot of skills, to get some tips about teaching and to ask all the questions that you want, work on your dive theory, etc.

Once the IDC is finished, then we will get ready for the IE, the Instructor Examination. This part is conducted by PADI examiners and will go over some theory exams, a classroom session, a pool session and finally an open water session. We will be here to support you and take care of the logistics, but by this time you will be ready to fly all solo and show the examiner what you can do!

So....what are you waiting for? We are looking forward to train you in paradise to become a dive professional!!