The mad skills of Made and Made

For those of you who have had the pleasure of diving here at Nusa Lembongan, you will know the astonishing wonders that lie just beneath the surface. It’s amazing to think that you only need to descend a few metres to experience other worldly creatures and zero gravity. And like entering any unusual or exotic domain, one should seek out the very best training or guidance you can. After all, without it you may miss the very best things to see… 

We are incredibly lucky here at Blue Corner Dive, we offer you an exceptional team of professional divers that boasts not 1 but 2 of Indonesia’s absolute finest. As voted by PADI divers!

 Meet Made Partayasa and Made Gareng, local legends. Together they have over 30 years of experience diving here in Nusa Lembongan and exploring Indonesia underwater. However, it is not just this that makes them exceptional in their field.

Known by colleagues and friends simply as P and G, there is nothing you cannot ask these wise oracles of the ocean and find a fulfilling and engaging response. Talented teachers, they always have time and energy for their students having racked up more than 1000 PADI diver certifications, from Discover Scuba to Divemaster!! 

Made P won the prestigious award of PADI Educator of the Month, Worldwide! For the number of students who wrote to PADI specifically to commend his level of excellence in dive training. You can usually find Made P demonstrating endless patience and flawless skills in the pool teaching his adoring students. As the saying goes, he is often imitated but never duplicated.  He will gladly talk at length and spend time showing you how to thoroughly service your regulator or test tanks. He is simply a fountain of knowledge for the Divemaster Candidates, sharing experience money can’t buy.  His journey from Surfer to Staff Instructor has been a challenging one and Made’s ability to understand individuals struggles with diving and teach from his own experience is what makes him an exceptional Instructor.

Made G’s diving career stems from a never ending passion for the ocean and the creatures in it. He was that kid who’s parents couldn’t get him out of the ocean, till sunset. His comfort underwater is like no other, finding it as easy to dive without a mask or fins as he does with them! And then there’s that smile…….the one that brings joy to your day and you just can’t forget. Made G’s incredible talent for finding Mola Mola is famous, around here he goes by the nickname ‘Mola Master, Made’. If there is one to be seen on a dive, he will find it for you!

Committed to the business and proud boat owners the Made’s Hindu Balinese culture adds a wealth of know ledge to their epic ocean understanding. Following a 35 day lunar calendar, and years of experience, the boys embody an almost mystical sixth sense of the ocean conditions. Getting you into the very best dive site at the very best time. They will really make your ocean dreams come true, giving you that unique underwater adventure.