How do I choose the right Divemaster Program, for me?

It’s a tough and confusing place out there when searching for the ideal location to do your Divemaster training. And it is an important decision so you want to make the right one! At Blue Corner Dive we all remember well our own Divemaster programs and we wouldn’t have found each other and unified our thinking the way we have, without it being the very best experience. Simply put, it was life changing in the happiest of ways!

So now we spend our time reminiscing on those wonderful days and doing everything we can to recreate them for others. After all, the greatest satisfaction comes in sharing ones dreams.  We are made up of a dynamic and diverse team with the very best of all the extremes of the Diving Industry. From Scientific, Marine Biology approach to diving and Marine Conservation, to advice with all aspects of Business Development in creating your own dream in the diving world. Of course the day to day is not over looked, our experienced Instructors are open and ready to share their valuable knowledge and you can count on them for anything, whether is Yoga on the beach or good old fashioned, party time!! All this on a perfect sandy beach, overlooking the perfect surf break with our awesome bar.   

So, we got our heads together and come up with 3 simple questions for you to ask that might help you make that important decision a little easier…

1.           Where is it?

Seems like an obvious question but there is a bit more too it.

·             Is the Dive Centre based in land, in a town, right on the beach?

·             Think about how and where you want to spend your time. Whether that’s in a bathing suit and bare feet or a pressed polo shirt and socks and shoes. This will give you an insight as to the environment you will be in. 

·             What is there to do in the surrounding area? Activities outside of diving can be fun too!

·             Location is key when deciding where you want to be after you finish your course.

2.           What is the diving like?

·             You may have a favourite type of diving already, whether that’s fresh water, tropical reef, ice diving or drift diving, big fish, macro, for example. Pick a place that suits what you love or are interested in learning about.

·             Think about how best to expand your skills in the water and how to challenge yourself under the safe supervision of experienced instructors. This is the time to really gain some experience and push yourself, without the pressure of expectation. Making you a more valuable Divemaster after your course.

3.           Ask yourself, ‘why am I doing the Divemaster course?’

·             This will help you figure out what you want from your course. Is it to get the highest quality of training from experienced and varied Instructors? Maybe you already know you want to become an Instructor in a reputable Career Development Centre, or maybe you just want as much diving as possible for a great price!

Wherever you decide to pursue your dreams of becoming a Dive Professional, make sure it fulfills your personal requirements and don’t be afraid to ask how they will make your dreams come true. Remember, there are places you can have it all. Just look at Blue Corner Dive

Photo s By Deris Northman