To insure, or not to insure…..that is the question.

It is a conundrum most divers face when booking that lovely, exotic dive holiday or live aboard. You may have saved up all year, or more! But you are only going away for a week or two, so is it really worth forking out so much  cash for 12 months’ worth of Insurance? Those that have had an incident whilst on a dive trip would say a huge ‘Hell yeah!’ But of course, we don’t go away thinking the worse might happen, or we would never leave the house!

For those professional or very regular divers out there, Divers Alert Network (or DAN) is well known for their excellent research into diving related incidents and providing annual professional coverage. Depending on the level, it can cover not just the individual but also their guests and students and personal belongings. Not to mention liability. But this is too much for that once or twice a year trip, just for fun!

Now there is an alternative, which allows you to hope for the best, yet prepare for the worst. All without breaking the bank. It is a little known fact that DAN offers single trip insurance, for up to 30 days. Ideal for your dream dive vacay! Or annual cover if you travel for diving more frequently, although you would have to make quite a few trips for the annual coverage to be worth it as it can be quite costly. Each option, annual and single-trip, has three tiers of coverage. What’s covered between the six options is almost all the same, but the amount that’s covered under each tier varies greatly. Generally speaking, the coverage amounts are much higher for the single-trip plans compared to the annual plans.

Here is the really good bit, the single-trip plan is not just limited to diving incidents but all aspects of travel a regular traveler could ever need! All the essentials are covered and even with the most basic of plans, most travelers needs will be covered.

You can simply follow the steps on line, entering information about the location and duration of your trip and hey presto! A quote is generated for you, that is actually pretty reasonable and you can get covered within 24 hours.

It is important to remember that not every Dive outfit in the world has their own insurance for their guests. In many  countries it is not a requirement and therefore, not followed. So how much is your peace of mind worth? Only you know the answer, but it has to be worth simply finding out the cost.

Short term insurance can be arranged through Blue Corner Dive, contact us for details!